60 Day gi warranty

The Fabulous BJJ Gi


  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Lightweight ripstop
  • High-quality embroideries
  • Rubber printed interior artwork
  • Colorful vent reinforcements and seam taping
  • Multiple loops and drawstring

How Fabulous is too fabulous?
Trick question.
There is no such thing as too fabulous.

On the frontier of fabulousness, you'll find one Gi and one Gi only. This one. Brought to us by the Awesome Gi division of Rios Fightgear, the black Fabulous Gi is the BJJ equivalent of star-studded and diamond-encrusted. The 550 GSM Pearl Weave material is embroidered with the finest pink, blue, and purple thread. The unicorn-inspired logo is printed on the jacket interior, sitting right next to the rainbow-striped vent reinforcements.

Pink contrast stitching and loops accented by light blue vents and drawstring? Check! Along with the GIVE ME DIAMONDS embroidery, the pink and blue color scheme makes these pants more than adequately fabulous. Constructed from lightweight and quick-drying ripstop.