60 Day gi warranty

Inverted Gear Bamboo Panda Navy Blue BJJ Gi


The Bamboo Panda is one of a kind. Not just because it's a bamboo Gi, but because it's an affordable bamboo Gi. Others before it have had price points starting in the upper atmosphere. But Inverted Gear is keeping it down to Earth.

"Bamboo Panda" is built from a 70/30 bamboo/cotton blend that feels incredibly comfortable.

Inverted Gear's fans voted on Facebook to come up with colorways and they seem to have great taste; the shades of light green look outstanding against the deep navy blue material. Updated Panda logos sit on the jacket by the lapel, rear skirt, and mid-arm. Equipped with a strong collar that has a fast-drying core that won't bunch up or warp over time.

We're happy to say that the classic Panda waist closure is in full effect. In addition to the main drawstring loops, Inverted Gear utilizes a longer guiding channel so your drawstring doesn't ride up toward your hips (extremely helpful when you're defending a mean berimbolo).