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  • 425 GSM High Tech weave
  • 8 oz. twill cotton pants with full-length knee reinforcements
  • 17 oz. heavy duty ripstop collar
  • Stretchy cord drawstring
  • Multiple drawstring loops with woven graphic patterns
  • Sublimated interior yoke panel
  • Contrast stitching in select areas
  • Interior woven seam taping

  • In Jiu Jitsu, we often talk about the Samurai and the relation of BJJ to Samurai battles and the bushido way. But what if we take it back even more? Take it way back?

    With the Kleos, 93 Brand does exactly that. It takes a look at the ancient artwork of Greece, where the original MMA, Pankration, originated. Many of you are familiar with the depiction of Heracles as he grapples a lion in what appears to be a front headlock position. Made famous in ancient clay paintings like the one featured across the Kleos' interior yoke panel, Heracles was known for using his wit where his strength did not suffice - a concept very much so applicable to our Jiu Jitsu.