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93 Brand Goose Grey Gi


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93 Brand has what we've been looking for... A functional kimono that looks unique yet not over-the-top in terms of patches and color schemes. Well their Classic Grey BJJ Gi has looks to kill and meets the highest standard of construction and functionality.

Pearl weave jacket with an EVA foam collar and custom interior taping along the skirt and lapel. 12 oz. cotton pants with reinforcements that extend to the bottom hem, strengthening the shin area that's normally thin on most Gi pants.


This beautiful grey fabric is highlight with white stitching and trim, giving a unique but tasteful look. The jacket has only two embroideries: the simple "93" logo sewn into the arms. On the seat of the pants there's a patch that remains relatively unseen and hidden under the jacket skirt until you start rolling around on the mats. Overall a very solid release from 93 Brand, with a great price tag and awesome comfort, durability, and aesthetic.