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The 2nd release from 93 Brand sees them team up with Jiu Jitsu's best known artist, the great Meerkatsu. Using similar fabrics to their inaugural release, 93 Brand put together a 550gsm Pearl Weave jacket along with 12 oz. canvas pants. Again, the knee reinforcements extend to the bottom hem, which we absolutely love. Too many Gi companies use short knee padding that shifts above your knees once you're rolling on the ground, and that makes us angry. You don't want to see us when we're angry.

All designs were put together by Meerkatsu, from the small shin embroidery to the dyed patch in the center of the jacket's back. To add some 'pop' to the black cloth, we've got bold yellow-gold side vents and drawstring loops. The drawstring itself is also a contrasting yellow, and made from a stretch cord that's much easier to tie and untie than the traditional flat cotton strings.

There is a woven Mandrill patch that is included, but not sewn on. Sew it on where you want or leave it off, it's up to you.